Bryce Merrill – Sub-Sea Consultant


Canadian born Bryce is a veteran of the sub-sea environment of over 45 years and has worked in numerous different fields both offshore and onshore. These include, to name only a few, ROV operations, diving, project coordination, technical instruction, and currently, he works as an ROV consult- ant. One of the jobs he is most proud of was when he worked as one of 12 divers who were tasked with changing the four blades of an ice-breaker vessel’s propeller. Working under 8 feet of ice with onboard temperatures as low as -52°, the pressure was on to fix the propeller or a years worth of information would be lost.

“The Earhart search is a journey of epic proportions”

A word from Bryce…


“I have been involved in the underwater industry in many forms for almost 50 years. Diving, ROVs, marine survey, offshore construction, the oilfield, scientific work, treasure hunting, just plain having fun and still loving it. You might wonder how someone with a water background would become involved in the search for Amelia. Other than the obvious, the plane ended up in the ocean. A blue and white Cessna 170 tail number November Bravo Foxtrot was my solo plane. My first desire was to become a pilot, seems like a 100 years ago. I started diving and it paid money so I gave up the flying but not the interest. In my years of travel around the world I have flown in many different kinds of aircraft, with the many exciting adventures that come with flying in many wonderful places in old aircraft. If you have only a passing interest in aviation history the Amelia story is gripping. The stuff of stories in the night with old friends, a good cigar and a glass of single malt. None of the stories about the searches for Amelia’s aircraft made any sense to me. Then I met Colin and the Stratus Project Group and all the pieces fell into place for me. SO I’m off on another adventure and I invite you to join us on this voyage of discovery, because it’s about the journey. And if the journey takes us to the plane then so much the better.”