Amelia Rose Earhart Completes World Flight

A huge congratulations to Amelia Rose on her successful flight around the world. It’s great that she is continuing her namesake’s legacy and helping more woman to pursue a career in aviation.

She took this beautiful and poignant photograph when she flew over Howland Island.

Good luck to Amelia for whatever adventures she may have in the […]

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Stratus Project Article in Huffington Post

I’m very pleased to share with you all a brand new article in the Huffington Post!

Read it here:


A few years ago Colin worked with journalist and adventurer Richard Bangs on a video about Titanic Quarter. Richard was very interested in Stratus and very kindly offered to write an article for us. Many thanks to him […]

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Stratus Fundraising at Titanic’s Dock

It’s been a long while since the last post as we have been busy starting up special tours at Titanic’s Dock to support the Stratus Project.

The home of Stratus is of course Titanic’s Dock and Pump-House in Belfast, due to Colin Cobb being the director of the dock. Whilst thinking of ways to fundraise for […]

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Amelia in Blackpool

I always thought that I didn’t have a geographical connection to Amelia like the other Stratus members do; Colin from Belfast just 80 miles from the famous Derry landing, Gary from California where Earhart lived, Bryce from Canada the starting point of both transatlantic flights. But just last week I made an exciting discovery… Amelia […]

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Amelia Earhart Friendship Society

As part of the Stratus Project we are very keen to promote Derry and it’s connection to Amelia Earhart.

Last wednesday Colin and I went up to Derry for the anniversary of Earhart’s landing and were very fortunate to have a meeting with the members of the Amelia Earhart Friendship Society. Based in Derry the AEFS […]

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Ashlin makes the news in Derry

A new photo exhibition was opened on wednesday to celebrate the 82nd anniversary of Earhart’s landing in Derry.

Colin and Ashlin went along and somehow ended up in the paper for just being there!


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The race is on!

The search for Amelia has often been described as a ‘race’, particularly in the competitive world of ‘crashed and sank’ theorists. The Stratus Project is by no means the only team searching for Earhart.

Probably the most famous of the search teams at present is a group called TIGHAR (The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery). […]

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Interesting article about Shannon Airport


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New Items to the Store!

We now have a whole host of new items in the store!

Mugs, teddy bears, posters… something for everyone.

Please consider purchasing an item to support the search for Amelia Earhart.

Go to our store at http://www.stratusproject.com/shop/

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We’re all very pleased and humbled by the support and interest we have received for the project since we launch a month or two ago. It really is fantastic and thank you all.

As the website is only recently launched there will be odd changes and updates being made here and there.

Over the next week there […]

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